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2 Year 24,000 Mile Service Contract

We Have You Covered

We stand behind all our vehicles and have you covered with our 2-year, 24,000 mile mechanical plan. You never have to worry about unexpected repair bills again!

Payment Plans That Fit You

Don’t get stuck with a 7 year loan that will bury you in interest. All our financing terms are under 60 months with options personalized to fit your finances. Plus, we report all payment activity to the credit bureau to help you build good credit faster!

Adonis Cars = Peace of Mind

As long as your payments are made on time, we guarantee that you’ll have the transporation you need, when you need it. Our fleet of loaner cars will keep you moving when your car is in for maintenance or repairs.

WELCOME to Adonis Auto Group

Do you need a good, reliable used car but you’re concerned you won’t qualify for an auto loan? Don’t worry — come to Adonis Auto Group. We’re an in-house financing used car dealership, that is different than the rest. At Adonis, you get the car – and the respect – you deserve!

Life happens. We know how easy it can be to miss payments due to unforeseen circumstances, and so at Adonis, we make sure to treat every financial situation as unique – and not a one-size-fits-all program. Whether it’s living situations, student loans, medical emergencies, divorce, or bankruptcy that would prevent you from getting a vehicle, we are committed to finding a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and unique needs.

At our used car dealership, serving Arlington, East Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City, and surrounding areas, we’re known to help people with bad credit or no credit get the vehicle they deserve. Your credit score is not the main factor in the equation, as we factor in whether you have steady employment, your overall income, and other details that are specific to you.

In addition, we report your payments to the credit bureau each month, and on-time payments help establish credit and drive your existing score up.

If you live in Arlington, East Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or Kansas City and you have bad credit or no credit, come to the in-house financing used car dealership area residents turn to most often: Adonis Auto Group.



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RegZ Sample Deal: A vehicle with a sales price of $18,295 and a down payment of $489 would have an APR of 18.99% and 130 bi-weekly payments of $237 to full payoff. Individual terms will vary based on vehicle selected and customer preferences. Additional principal payments will reduce payoff term, and there is no fee for early payoff.

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