Evolution of Used Car Buying: Modern Tools Available

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There are many areas of life that have changed significantly over the last generation or so, and one great example here is buying a car, particularly a used one. The experience your parents got when they bought a used car a couple decades ago is very different from the experience you’ll get today – and let’s just say that due to technology and other improvements, things are a bit more convenient for you than they were for the generation before you.

At Adonis Auto Group, we’re proud to offer not only a wide selection of used cars, but also numerous other tools for those on the hunt for a used car, from assistance with credit reports and applications to assistance with bad or no-credit loans, plus the ability to pay online. In this two-part blog series, we’ll look at how buying a used car has changed over the years as a way of informing you of all the tools at your disposal in this area.

used car buying modern tools

Vehicle Inventory

First and foremost, buyers’ ability to evaluate current vehicle inventory has changed dramatically with the rise of online resources. Back before the internet existed, searching for used car inventory meant finding your phone book and calling around to various used car dealerships, asking them about their inventory to get a sense of what they’ve got available before visiting a few lots based on those that interest you most.

Today, this area is simply far more convenient. Any internet-connected device, whether it’s a phone, laptop, computer or tablet, can easily browse any used car dealership’s inventory online – ours is right here, for instance. You can filter for a variety of needs, from vehicle make and model to color, age, mileage and numerous others. From the comfort of your couch, you can begin narrowing down your options.

Vehicle Type

For those who aren’t quite sure the model or vehicle type they’re interested in, even simple browsing has become far easier for similar reasons as above. Instead of taking high-hassle exercises like asking friends for recommendations or actually visiting car lots to learn more about various brands and vehicle types, you can simply do all your research online.

Safety and Quality

Safety and vehicle quality are important elements for any used car buyer, and modern resources also make this a far easier area to navigate. In the past, those without extensive vehicle expertise often had to simply trust the word of the dealer or pay for a thorough examination from a trusted mechanic to confirm safety and vehicle quality; today, however, online resources like CARFAX, AutoCheck and others make finding details about a car’s history and qualities very easy.

For more on how used car buying has changed over the years, or to learn about any of our used cars for sale, speak to the staff at Adonis Auto Group today.

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