Evolution of Used Car Buying: Haggling, Financing and More

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how the used car buying experience has changed in recent decades. Your used car experience will be very different from the one your parents might have gone through in their day, with several tools at your disposal in terms of convenience and inventory that would not have been available to those in previous decades.

At Adonis Auto Group, we’re proud to offer both a wide inventory of used cars and numerous helpful resources for our clients, from online application formats to the ability to view our comprehensive inventory online in the comfort of your home. What are some of the other ways modern technology like the internet and other related areas have improved the used car experience for buyers today, and what are some of the top resources you should be taking advantage of while buying a used vehicle? Here are some basics.

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Finding the Right Dealership

For those in past generations, one of the toughest parts of buying a new car was figuring out which dealers were reputable and which weren’t. Sadly, not all used car dealers offer the same level of professionalism and quality as ours, and in the past, it was much tougher to figure out who the reputable ones were.

Luckily for today’s buyers, there are several tools available here. The first is basic online review formats such as Google, which allow for clients of a business to review it and leave comments on its service. You can also check resources like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and more for information on dealers and their reputation in your area. Through these tools, you can cast aside scammers or other less reputable dealers easily and focus only on legitimate sources.

Price Negotiation

While the occasional buyer loved the “haggling” experience from back in the day, the truth is most buyers strongly dislike this sort of thing. The used car world as a whole realized that haggling over price is really just a waste of time within the last couple decades, and this sort of thing has been mostly eliminated from reputable dealers. Instead, we use detailed and precise metrics to accurately price our vehicles based on their market value, eliminating the need for extensive negotiation.


Finally, when it comes to used car financing, we’re right back to the value of the internet. Online access makes it exponentially easier to shop around with lenders than it would have been in the analog days, and many dealers (including us at Adonis) even include online application portals on their websites to make this as easy as possible for prospective buyers.

For more on how used car buying has changed today from previous generations, or to learn about any of our used car dealer services, speak to the staff at Adonis Auto Group today.

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