Arlington Used Car Dealer Vs. Private Sale: Info and Communication

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At Adonis Auto Group, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive used car dealership experience to all our clients. From the ability to apply online for auto loans to viewing our online inventory and finding a great vehicle in Arlington, Texas or nearby areas, we’re here to help with any used car search you’re performing.

Our format of used car sales, the used car dealership, is one of the two primary ones US used vehicle buyers will take when searching. The other, as many are familiar with, is buying a used vehicle from a private seller, whether through word-of-mouth or various ads you can find in newspapers and online. But in comparison to the dealership experience, there are several themes within the private used car purchase template that may create additional hassle or even risk you making a bad purchase. Here are some of these reasons why many gravitate toward the more legitimate process of a used car dealer rather than going private, discussed in our two-part blog series.

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Ad Descriptions

First and foremost, one area where private car sellers are not exactly robust is in their descriptions of the vehicle. Unlike the curators of our online inventory, who have years of experience describing cars precisely and in detail, private sellers don’t have any of this training – many ads will barely give you any information on the car in question, and will force you to do a lot of investigating.

Now, you might deal with certain private sellers who are more serious and will do a better job here. However, compared to the ads and information you get on a used car dealer site like ours, even these better private sellers just pale in comparison. In nearly every case, you have to make an appointment to see the vehicle yourself – and in some of these situations, it won’t be anything close to what was originally described to you.

Photos and Documentation

Down similar lines, private owners of cars may have issues with their phots and other vehicle documentation areas. There should be at least 12 pictures of any used car for sale, and as many as 24 in many cases – but many private sellers only take a few. This makes you wonder what they’re choosing not to show you.

Communication Themes

Another common issue with private sellers and buyers with used cars is communication. Both involving the elements we went over above and other simple areas like texting or calling (some are extremely slow at this), it can be tough to perform the back-and-forth of a used car negotiation – especially today with distancing themes still important across the country. Other private sellers are highly disorganized when it comes to themes like test drives or showings.

For more on the issues with private used car sellers, or to learn about any of our used car dealership services, speak to the staff at Adonis Auto Group today.

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