Buying a car in 2022? These are the top 5 things you need to know!

Should I buy a new or used car?

When thinking about buying a new car, we all imagine the shining new paint with the new car smell and the glistening tires. But wait, there are a few things we need to take into consideration beforehand. 

Most new cars come with trendy features and advanced technology that are made to last for several years. This means that you can still get the car you want, but at a much lower price when buying it a few years later. That is what we do at Adonis Auto, provide great inventory with low down payments, even if you don’t have the best of credit.

Should I buy a cash car or finance it?

In the car buying process, sometimes people get the idea that buying cash is the best option when the reality is that it can sometimes be not in their best interest to pay for their car upfront. Even if someone has the entire amount ready to be paid in cash, having savings for anything life throws their way may be the better play.

Financing a car responsibility also will help improve your credit score so that you could later be approved for a more expensive car or truck you’re considering. At Adonis Auto, we help you build your credit score and history while giving you low down payments with great financing options.

Should I buy the warranty or service contract that dealerships provide?

Almost every dealership out there will have some form of an extended warranty or service contract that you can buy to keep your car covered for any repairs it may need later on.

We highly recommend considering these, but first make sure that you understand what it covers before making a decision. Especially, if you aren’t clear on the difference between a warranty and a service contract or program.

However, most in-house financing dealerships will not back the cars they sell you themselves – and sometimes not at all. Adonis Auto does in fact offer a service contract and handle the services in-house to get customers back on the road. Adonis is on a mission to provide reliable transportation for their customers no matter what.

How do I pick the right used car and where to buy it?

First, you have to think about what type of vehicle you would enjoy and how it would fit your lifestyle. That means, what type of vehicle is going to have the features, space, and other bells and whistles that you want, as well as meet your budgetary constraints. 

Next, we have to decide where to start shopping! For this step, we definitely recommend finding dealerships with a high review count and rating, with comments from both customers and ownership.

Only buy from dealerships that service your vehicle after purchase

Many dealerships, after they sell you a car, that’s the end of your relationship. But at Adonis Auto, we support you and your vehicle long after the sale. 

We offer a Vehicle Service Contract if your car has mechanical problems for up to 2 years / 24,000 miles, as well as offering Collision Protection Insurance to save your investment in the event of an accident. 

In addition, if your vehicle needs to be serviced, Adonis Auto also has a loaner vehicle fleet to help ensure you receive the reliable transportation and respect you deserve.

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