Arlington’s In House Financing Auto Dealership

If you’re looking for a used car dealership in Arlington that helps drivers with bad credit finance their car purchase, come to Adonis Auto. As a leading in house financing lot, we work with customers in and around Arlington who can’t get car loans from traditional financial institutions.

In House Financing Dealership

If you’re not familiar with an in house financing dealership, this concept refers to getting your loan from your used car dealer instead of a financial institution.

Some car dealerships work with financial institutions to assist you with financing. But in these cases, the final decision on whether to approve your loan rests with the bank, credit union or other type of lender. In these cases, your loan application is almost guaranteed to be denied if you have bad credit.

Unfortunately, this can be a Catch-22 situation. Most people need a car to get back and forth to their jobs, and you need a job to pay your bills. But if you’ve missed some payments on your bills, many lenders will not approve you for a car loan.

At our used car dealership, we think that is unfair and prevents you from helping yourself. That’s why we’re known as a bad credit car lot — because we help drivers with bad credit become vehicle owners.

No Credit Car Dealers in Arlington

Many shoppers search for a no credit car lot because they know what will happen when a lender checks their credit — they will be denied due to a low credit score or late payments.

At our in house financing dealership in Arlington, that’s not a concern. That’s because we don’t base our approval on your credit score or past credit history. Instead, we rely on current information such as whether you have steady employment and your vehicle history.

Once you’re approved for a loan with our used car dealership, not only will you have secured the reliable transportation you need to get back and forth to work and pay your bills, but you also will have taken a step toward improving your credit score.

That’s because every month that you make your car payment, we report the payment to the credit bureau. Every on-time payment helps improve your credit score.

We show you how manageable your monthly payments can be— especially considering that you will no longer be making frequent repairs on a car that’s falling apart.

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Bad Credit Car Dealership

When you go to a bad credit car dealership, you know you don’t have to worry about financial problems you have had in the past that may not even be your fault, such as those related to divorce or medical bills.

And you can trust our bad credit car lot. For proof, we invite you to check out our stellar online reviews — all from happy customers.

Come down to the Adonis Auto used car dealership in Arlington today, and apply for a car loan despite bad credit or no credit. We’re here to help!

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