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financial other benefits used car

While most are aware of the cost-saving benefits that come with purchasing a used car compared to a new one, the benefits of going the used route do not stop there by a long shot. There are actually several other reasons why used cars are highly beneficial to their buyers, some in related financial areas and some in other realms you may not have even considered.

At Adonis Auto Group, we’re happy to offer a variety of used cars for sale in Arlington and other parts of Texas. Not only do we offer one of the widest selection of used cars on the market, we also help our clients understand the full range of benefits they get from going this route. What are some of these benefits, both well-known and lesser-known? Here’s a primer.

financial other benefits used car
fuel economy fact fiction

When it comes to any vehicle you own, whether new or used, fuel economy is an important metric to be tracking. Especially with gas prices very high at the moment, vehicle owners are looking to maximize their fuel economy in any way possible — but this often results in them taking steps that actually have little or no impact on their fuel economy, avoiding the approaches that might actually help in the process.

At Adonis Auto Group, not only are we here to offer a wide selection of used vehicles in Dallas and many other areas of Texas, but also to assist our clients with important vehicle qualities like fuel economy, gas mileage and more. There are a number of misconceptions out there about how you can maximize fuel economy — and then a few approaches that are legitimate. Today’s blog will go over both of these areas to separate fact from fiction when it [...]

differences used car inspections appraisals

While the terms car inspection and car appraisal are similar, they are not the same when it comes to used vehicles. Both involve the assessment and evaluation of a vehicle to assess its qualities and roadworthiness, but the methods that go into each are very different, as are the situations where they’re used.

At Adonis Auto Group, we’re happy to provide not only a wide range of used cars for sale, plus bad-credit and low-credit car loans, but also auto body and other types of vehicle service, including inspections of vehicles and many related solutions. How do inspections and appraisals differ for a used car, which of these do you need, and where can you get it? Here’s a primer.

differences used car inspections appraisals Basics on Vehicle Inspections

A car inspection is a regular maintenance process [...]

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