In House Financing Auto Dealership Serving East Dallas

Are you afraid to apply for an auto loan because you have bad credit or no credit? At Adonis Auto’s used car dealership serving customers in and around East Dallas, you don’t have to worry. Our in house financing program is specifically designed for buyers with bad credit.

Bad Credit Car Dealership

Bad credit can haunt you everywhere you go. Anyone can fall on hard times, especially now, and missing some payments for reasons that are no fault of your own, such as a layoff, divorce, or medical issue, is not at all unusual.

Yet lenders penalize you for these missed payments for years. It’s unfortunate when you are denied a mortgage or a credit card, but being denied for a used car loan is the worst. That’s because you need your car to get back and forth to work in East Dallas. Sometimes it’s possible to get around using DART, but it’s expensive, inconvenient, unreliable, and unsanitary.

Here at our bad credit car lot, we know that you need your car to pay your bills. So we lend you the money ourselves, rather than depending on a bank, credit union or another lender.

That’s why we’re known as a bad credit car lot — because we help drivers with bad credit become vehicle owners.

No Credit Check Car Lot Serving East Dallas

As a no credit car dealer, we don’t place emphasis on your credit score, because that merely shows what you have done in the past. Instead, we focus on your current financial situation. That includes your employment, salary and other financial information such as your rent or mortgage payment and your other monthly expenses.

Our goal is to ensure to the best of our ability that you are willing and able to make your car payment every month, not to judge you on past issues that we know nothing about. If you have a steady income, you may qualify for an auto loan with our used car dealership.

We show you how manageable your monthly payments can be— especially considering that you will no longer be making frequent repairs on a car that’s falling apart.

steering wheel and car dashboard

In House Financing Dealership

At our in house financing lot, we keep things in-house. That means we don’t search for a third party to underwrite your used car loan — we do it ourselves.

We don’t have to answer to anyone else’s requirements; we set our own. We feel that’s the way it should be — we don’t treat you like some faceless, heartless financial institution, because you’re our valued customer.

East Dallas Residents Shop at Adonis Auto

Whether you have not yet established a credit history or you are temporarily stuck with a credit score that’s lower than you’d like, our used car dealership believes that’s not a reason to deny you an auto loan.

We want to help get you into a good, reliable used car that you can count on to start every day and to take you back and forth to your job. We stock makes and models that have a reputation for being safe, dependable cars.

If you live in East Dallas and need a good used car but are concerned about being denied an auto loan due to your credit history, come to Adonis Auto used car dealership. We’re friendly, local, and here to help.
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