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At Adonis Auto Group, we’re an in house financing dealership. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry — we explain it fully below. The upshot is, your chances of qualifying for a used car loan with us are much higher than they would be at a bank, credit union or other financial institution.

Bad Credit? No Problem.

We get it. Times are tough, and you may have missed a payment or two on your mortgage, your student loan, your credit card balance or another bill. Even if you have been working steadily, if you have recently gotten divorced, had a medical emergency or suffered some other financial setback that may have been no fault of your own, it could have damaged your credit.

The good news is that bad credit can eventually improve, as long as you make payments on your bills on time going forward. The bad news is, this process can take years. And in the meantime, financial institutions and merchants may deny you the credit you need to better manage your life.

This can be a particularly unfair blow when you are looking for a used car dealership in the Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston area. You may need a reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work in order to earn money to pay your bills. But a bank or other lender may refuse to lend you the money you need to buy a used car, which can put you even further behind.

Better Than A Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot

Many used car dealerships throughout Texas work with banks to lend customers money. Our in house financing car lot does things differently, however.

When you buy from Adonis Auto Group, we are your lienholder, so it is our used car dealership that makes the decision to approve your loan. Your information is not sent out to a third party that denies you credit without ever having even met you.

That’s why at an in house financing car dealership like Adonis, your chances of being approved for a loan are much higher. We’re local, friendly, and we’re here to help you get ahead.

Bad Credit Dealerships

In house financing dealerships are sometimes also referred to as bad credit car dealerships or no credit car dealers. Our buy here pay here lots, serving clients in Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, bases our decision on what you’re doing right now, not what you did six months or a year ago.

You need a reliable vehicle, and we want to help you get that at our buy here pay here car lot.

No Credit Car Dealers

At our used car dealership, we don’t approve auto loans solely based on your credit score. Come to Adonis Auto, the top in house financing lot in Arlington, East Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. We’ll help get you into a “new” used car even if you have bad credit. Call or come in today, or apply online.

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