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You may have already discovered, much to your dismay, that if you have bad credit or no credit, it can be hard to get a used car loan — or any type of loan. But at our used car dealerships in Arlington and East Dallas, TX as well as Kansas City, KC, that’s not how we do business. At Adonis Auto Group, we don’t judge you based on your past. We help you get a used car loan so that you can get reliable transportation so you can improve your credit — and your life.

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We get it. Times are tough, and you may have missed a payment or two on your mortgage, your student loan, your credit card balance or another bill. Even if you have been working steadily, if you have recently gotten divorced, had a medical emergency or suffered some other financial setback that may have been no fault of your own, it could have damaged your credit.

Sometimes it seems like the deck is stacked against you. You may be trying to do everything possible to pay your bills and improve your credit, but somehow you just end up getting further behind. One reason could be due to late fees that creditors charge or other unexpected emergencies that pop up such as medical issues or home repairs.

It can be expensive — and fruitless — to maintain an old car that keeps breaking down. You know your money would be better spent buying a reliable vehicle than continually making repairs to your old one. But you also know that it’s likely you would get turned down for a traditional auto loan from a bank, due to your credit history.

No Credit Cars

Many of our customers are unaware of our buy here pay here policy, which leaves the decision about financing in our car lot’s hands — not the hands of a faceless financial institution. That means your credit score is not the main factor in our decision.

We are more concerned with the state of your finances today than we are with payments you missed a year ago. We ask you for proof that you have a steady income — this is the biggest factor we consider when we approve loans.

We know that your finances would be in better shape if you bought a reliable used car at our dealership in Arlington, East Dallas or Kansas City instead of using the last of your money to try to keep your old unreliable vehicle on the road a few more months. All of our vehicles have a low down payment and we offer a 24,000 mile / 24 month service agreement to keep you on the road longer!

We show you how manageable your monthly payments can be— especially considering that you will no longer be making frequent repairs on a car that’s falling apart.

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No Credit Car Dealer

Adonis Auto Group is known in the Arlington, East Dallas and Kansas City areas as the preferred no credit car dealer for drivers with bad credit or no credit. Don’t let bad credit stop you from getting the financing you need to secure reliable transportation. Call or come down to Adonis Auto today, and find out how our no credit car lot can help you.

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