In House Financing Auto Dealership in Kansas City

Do you have bad credit? A few financial mistakes can end up haunting you for years and making it difficult for you to buy a used car in Kansas City. At Adonis Auto, we think that’s unfair. That’s why we run an in house financing car lot — to make good used cars available to more drivers in Kansas City.

In House Financing Dealership in Kansas City

When you work with an in house financing car dealership, no banks or financial institutions are involved. The entire transaction is done through us here at Adonis Auto. This helps car buyers with bad credit.

The reason is that banks usually comb through your credit history carefully, looking at your credit score and other parts of your credit report to determine whether they believe you would be a good risk. Unfortunately, if you have bad credit, this process usually results in your being denied for a loan.

While the in house financing department at Adonis Auto checks your credit history, we don’t weigh it as heavily as a bank would. Instead, we put more emphasis on factors such as your employment, salary and ability to pay the loan back. If you make at least $2,000 per month, you’re a good candidate for a used car loan at our Kansas City location.

Bad Credit Car Lot

We know how hard it can be when you have to rely on public transportation to get to work. It takes twice as long as driving, costs a lot of money and you can’t depend on the trains and buses to get you to work on time.

It’s a vicious cycle: You need a car to get to work to make money to pay your bills and improve your credit score. But no financial institution will fund your purchase because of your credit score. This type of system is what keeps you stuck. At our bad credit car dealership, we think our customers deserve more.

We show you how manageable your monthly payments can be— especially considering that you will no longer be making frequent repairs on a car that’s falling apart.

steering wheel and car dashboard

Kansas City Used Car Dealer

Adonis Auto is one of the most trusted used car dealers in Kansas City, because we’re known for treating all our customers fairly. Our goal is to get you into a reliable used car that fits your life and that you will love.

Once we have approved your loan application, you are on your way to improving your credit score. That’s because, at our used car dealership, we report your on-time payments to the credit bureau every month. This increases your score, and it shows anyone who checks your credit report that you are a reliable and trustworthy consumer.

Come visit Adonis Auto’s used car dealership today and see the great cars we have for sale on our lot — Hondas, Toyotas, Hyundais, Nissans, Subarus, Fords, and more. Get your financing at our in house financing lot, and take an important step toward greater financial health, wellness, and independence.

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